Rincon Specialty Food Items

Food is very important to Rincon - We want to give our clients the best product possible

These are a few of the specialty items that we source for our menus


Fra' Mani Charcuterie, Chef owned( Paul Bertolli) out of Oakland, CA

"Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Foods, based in Berkeley, California, was founded by nationally-recognized chef Paul Bertolli. The culmination of Bertolli’s zeal for authentic handcrafted food, Fra’ Mani strives to keep old world food traditions alive in taste and technique. Fra’ Mani is derived from the Italian for “between or among hands” and conveys the message “from our hands to yours”. "


Snake River Farms Ground Wagyu, Pacific Northwest


"Snake River Farms is the premier producer of American Wagyu steaks and roasts. Our beef is coveted by award-winning chefs and served in top rated restaurants throughout the world. Snake River Farms beef features a buttery texture, complex flavors, subtle sweetness and a lingering finish."


Double R Ranch Tri-tip out of Washington State

"Always tender, always juicy, Double R Ranch is our premium brand of grain-fed beef with a flavor as bold as the West. Our cattle are carefully raised by our network of family ranchers from around the Northwest. These proud men and women share our Western values and traditions—and most importantly, our mission to produce exceptional beef from ranch to table."


Skuna Bay Salmon out of Pacific Northwest

Recognized by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch as a great alternative to Wild Line Caught Salmon!

At Skuna Bay, "our salmon is only reared in one place and that is the only place where salmon should be raised — its natural ocean environment. If you want salmon that spent its life in a tank, you don't want our fish. A perfect Skuna Bay salmon has silver scales, red gills, a thick muscular belly, no blemishes and always firm and thick texture. Every Skuna Bay Salmon is measured according to a 14 point criteria ensuring that each fish is virtually perfect.

Taste: Skuna Bay salmon tastes mild, tender, buttery but always has a firm texture."


San Marcos farms Honey

"Your local honey company! Providing the Santa Barbara area with local, raw, all natural honey since 1983."

Found in Santa Barbara local stores and at the Farmers Market.